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Types of Membership
Professional – Professional membership shall be granted to professional school counselors who hold a Master’s degree or higher in school counseling or the substantial equivalent and are employed as a school counselor, supervisor of school counselors, or counselor educator in a graduate program that prepares school counselors. 

Student – Student members shall be those who are enrolled in a graduate program in school counseling at an accredited college or university.

Retired – Retired members shall be those who have retired from full-time service in school counseling programs, counseling supervision or counselor education and are receiving compensation from state or private retirement providers. 

Affiliate- Individuals interested in school counseling, who are not eligible for any other type of membership, are eligible for Affiliate membership. ​

Professional - $40
Student - $25
Retired - $25

Affiliate - $30

Please complete the membership form and submit dues to become an active member in the Magnolia State School Counselor Association. Checks and money orders should be remitted to Magnolia State School Counselor Association, PO Box 399, Morton, MS 39117.  


PO Box 399

Morton MS 39117

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